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Speakers June 12, 2021

Living Roots Wine & Co.  Living Roots Wine & Co. is a young urban winery in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York and a not-so-urban winery in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. Founded by husband and wife team Sebastian and Colleen Hardy.  Living Roots sources grapes from different vineyards and growers, highlighting the natural strengths of each variety and climate through our wines from vastly different corners of the globe: the Finger Lakes and the regions surrounding Adelaide

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Selected Speakers from previous years

Speakers June 15, 2019

"In Tune and aware" considerations in winemaking.

Old  World v.s. New World wine comparisons.  A tasting comparison of varieties made in O.W> vs N.W.

Bottle Closure Options - A study in the aternatives in using various bottle closures.

Speakers July 31, 2018